About us

Maldex est une entreprise familiale, active depuis 40 ans.

About us

Maldex is a family run company active for over 40 years. Every day we can count on 47 highly motivated team members in 4 different locations. We are specialized in installing Hörmann garage doors and entrance doors. We offer our services to end consumers and B2B for both renovations and new projects.

Maldex owns a unique coating line in Belgium, have a look at the photos to see where you products are handled with the best care.

History nv Maldex

Construction of new offices. These are now adjacent to the warehouse. The office in the showroom is no more.
Opening of a 2nd showroom: we rent a property at Keizervest 150 Ghent.


Acquisition of sole proprietorship by Mr. Louis Claus and founding of bvba Maldex. The office is located in the former home of the manager and warehouses are rented in several different locations over the years.


We move to the present location. A showroom with an adjacent house and a first warehouse is built. The office is currently located inside the showroom.


Maldex purchased a paint booth as one of the first gate suppliers in Belgium, to deliver doors in any RAL color.


Son Danny Claus joins the company. At present, there are about 5 fitters active in the company.


Enlistment of the first administrative clerk.


Expansion with the construction of a 2nd warehouse (adjacent to the first).


Construction of new offices. These are now adjacent to the warehouse. The office in the showroom is no more.


Enlistment of the first technical sales representative. Mr. Marc Roesbeke, presently still working for the company.


Opening of a 2nd showroom: we rent the property at Keizervest 150 Ghent.


Acquisition of 2nd garage door company Dematt nv Brussels.


Construction of a 3rd warehouse: There will be a completely new paint shop with the move of the first paint booth and purchase a new, 2nd spray booth.


Renovation and expansion of the offices.


Expansion of the paint shop and purchase of an automatic coating line.


Purchase of a new building in Merelbeke and closure of the 2nd showroom in Ghent.


Opening of completely new and renovated showroom in Merelbeke.


Founder Louis Claus retires.


Complete renovation and renewal of the showroom in Sleidinge.


Acquisition of the 3rd garage door company AEC Erpe-Mere.