Create a delightfully shady spot on your patio or provide shelter from the rain on your commercial terrace. With the Leiner awning you acquire a reliable way to protect your patio from the elements. Enjoy your patio all year round.


At Maldex we strive to make every room in your home even more comfortable than it already is. And your patio must be included in that, of course. Enjoy your patio for hours at a time on a hot summers day, but usually it truly offers the best comfort in the cool shade. This is why we also supply the qualitative Leiner awning. With a Leiner awning you transform your patio into a delightfully cool outdoor area where you can enjoy the beautiful weather.

Leiner awning

A qualitative awning is one of the best and most popular awning choices. It takes up minimal space yet provides a large shady area.The awning retracts into a casing, and sits flush against your wall when not in use.Whenever you’d like a little shade on your patio, simply unwind the awning to create efficient cover. Leiner awnings are innovative and made of high-grade materials, so can withstand a knock or two.

But Leiner awnings aren’t just a fantastic choice for your patio at home. Leiner awnings are an absolute must-have for commercial terraces too. By exclusively using durable materials, Leiner awnings are robust and long-lasting.

Would you like to create more shade? If so, why not choose a Vario-Volant! This is an extra cover that hangs off the end of your Leiner awning. It helps you decide how much shade to create with even more ease.Vario-Volant is indispensable in low-setting sun.

Customers with large terraces looking for extra protection from the elements often opt for Pergola Sunrain. This is the most robust awning in the Leiner range and is perfect as an awning on large commercial terraces. The Pergola models comply with stringent café and restaurant sector standards and are exceedingly reliable. Leaving you to utilise your patio year-round; in torrential rain but also in bright sunshine.

Would you like more information about the different awnings and the benefits they provide?
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