Awnings & Shading

Awnings & Shading Systems from LEINER. With LEINER you can create your own wellness oasis.
Awnings & Shading

As soon as the weather improves, we like to spend a lot of time outdoors. Our favourite spot is usually the balcony or terrace. Generally, these areas are only fully enjoyable in the shade. In addition to shade, increased privacy makes for a very comfortable and enjoyable environment.

Cassette awning

High quality cassette awnings provide many benefits: when closed it's perfectly protected from all sorts of weather influences. The cassettes can be installed in different ways making them blend completely into the side of the building. The LEINER production methods offer maximum durability and safety, even in larger dimensions.

Arm retractable awnings

LEINER arm retractable awnings are robust and as well as good looking. Perfectly designed for creating larger areas of shade. Usually installed on balconies or terrace areas. These type of awnings are also available for cafes and restaurants, providing protection from rain.


Protect yourself from a low setting sun with a Vario-volant. Adaptable to best suit your needs, this vertical extension of the awning fabric deflects glare and safeguards your privacy with the turn of a simple gear mechanism. Enjoy additional shade on the front of your awning or separately as a vertical porch shade.

Leiner SunRain Pergola retractable roof system

SunRain Pergola retractable roof system by Leiner of Germany provides the ultimate flexibility for outdoor living. The pergola system is designed to withstand harsh weather situations for both the private user as well as the commercial sector.