Coated garage doors

Give your Hörmann garage door a unique appearance by coating it with materials like wood or aluminium. A coated garage door is guaranteed to perfectly complement your style of living.

Coated garage doors

A garage door must always offer proper insulation, security and ease of use. Whatever the garage door, whatever the style of house.How the garage door looks on the other hand differs per dwelling. Hörmann garage doors come in all manner of colours, designs and sizes. But you can go one step farther at Maldex by having your Hörmann garage door coated, to customise it 100%.

A coated garage door for the perfect finish.

With the highly accurate, versatile coatings, the options for your garage door are endless.There is a whole range on offer; from classic to contemporary. At Maldex we use numerous coating materials to uniquely style your Hörmann garage door. The most popular coatings for Hörmann garage doors are

  • Coated garage door with aluminium plates
  • Coated garage door with wooden planchettes
  • Coated garage door with Duco slats

But we have many, many more for your garage door. These are just a few of the available options. Please get in touch to discover them all.

A custom-made garage door elevates your home comfort to a higher level. Find the model that matches your style of living to a tee, and we will ensure the perfect installation of your brand new garage door.