Garage door operators

Drive your vehicle in and out of your garage with just one press of a button. An automated Hörmann garage door is durable, innovative and offers maximum security.

Garage door operators

With an automated garage door you’ll never have to get out of your vehicle again to drive it inside. Saving you time whilst and you stay nice and dry in rainy weather.You can open and shut your automated garage door with just one press of a button. Nowadays most people opt to automate their garage door. After all, it costs little time and effort to automate a garage door, and it provides many years of satisfaction besides.

Hörmann automated garage doors

An automated Hörmann garage door offers comfort and security for your home. With the fast SupraMatic, the economical ProMatic or the ProMatic Accu (battery operated) you can open and shut your garage door safely, quickly and remotely with just one press of a button.The Hörmann operator technology is both innovative and long-lasting, enabling you to enjoy your automated garage door for many years to come. With an automated Hörmann garage door you’ll never again have to step out of the car in rainy weather. Moreover, Hörmann operators are consistently 100% secure.

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The automation of your garage door or door enhances your home comfort. You can operate your garage doors and doors simply and safely with just one press of a button.