Garage wicket doors

A Hörmann garage wicket door is very practical, saves a great deal of time and provides enhanced comfort to your everyday living. You can enter your garage quickly and easily, without having to wait on a garage door mechanism.

Garage wicket doors

A garage door is a really useful way to lock up your garage and park up your vehicle safely. However, some people find it too much effort to open and close the garage door each time they have to pop into the garage. Which is why a garage wicket door is the perfect solution.The vehicle can go in and out via the garage door; the bikes and you yourself can enter via the wicket door. Saving you time by having to open and close up the main garage door each time.

Hörmann garage wicket doors

Garage doors enhance your home comfort. A garage with a wicket door saves on time, so you can enjoy your garage to the max. The same applies to Hörmann garage doors as to all other Hörmann products.They insulate your home efficiently and are intruder-proof. They are made of premium quality material, and as a result can withstand a knock or two.

The options regarding the door’s appearance are limitless too. Hörmann offers nigh on endless variation in designs, materials and colours. You will find a garage wicket door that perfectly complements the rest of your home.

Not quite sure what you’re looking for? Our experts are on hand to provide professional advice. Together we will find a custom-made Hörmann garage wicket door.

Hörmann doors are not only stylish but also robust, convenient, insulating and intruder-proof.