Industrial sectional doors

Industrial sectional Hörmann doors are the perfect solution for warehouses and corporate workspaces.

Industrial sectional doors

Industrial sectional doors are hugely popular at large and small business premises alike. The biggest USP of industrial sectional doors is how much space they save. They open and shut horizontally, allowing you to place or store items in front of or behind the door. Helping you to optimally utilise your business space or warehouse.

Hörmann industrial sectional doors

Hörmann industrial sectional doors can be installed in all types of industrial buildings. Each door is cut to size, ensuring the perfect fit and finish. Furthermore, each door helps your company save on energy costs, thanks to its highly accurate, qualitative insulation. No heat escapes as your industrial sectional door closes tightly.

Just as with every other Hörmann door, security and convenience are paramount.

Hörmann offers limitless possibilities for your industrial sectional door. Thanks to an extensive range of materials, designs and colours, you can easily select the sectional door that is just right for your business activities.

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Hörmann industrial doors are even more secure, efficient and user-friendly. They provide for an efficient, 100% secure work environment.