Roller garage door

With a Hörmann roller garage door you acquire an economical, robust, user-friendly garage door that takes up minimal space in your garage. Leaving you to optimally enjoy all the space in your garage.

Roller garage door

However, in some instances it might be that a sectional garage door isn’t quite right for your garage. But luckily we have the Hörmann RollMatic roller garage door to save the day. Hörmann roller garage doors require minimal space as the garage door rolls up as it opens.The roller garage door rolls into a sturdy, compact casing above the door opening. Because the RollMatic opens and shuts vertically, it means you can use the full space of your garage.

Benefits of the Hörmann Rollmatic

  • Very compact yet immensely robust
  • Fully automated
  • Fits anywhere, even after renovation work
  • Maximum security

Rollmatic, the roller garage door by Hörmann

With the Hörmann RollMatic you get a sturdy, economical roller garage door for your garage.The roller garage door is made of high grade corrosion-proof aluminium. Furthermore, each Hörmann roller garage door is equipped with state-of-the-art operators, meaning you can open and shut your Hörmann roller garage door with complete ease. You can get in and out quickly and your home enjoys extra security besides.

Do you want a Hörmann roller garage door for your home?

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