Sectional garage doors

A Hörmann sectional garage door is robust, secure, space-saving and is guaranteed to perfectly complement the style of your home.

Hörmann sectional garage doors

As opposed to up-and-over garage doors, sectional garage doors are made up of various panels.These panels render the door more flexible. The panels roll up or retract, meaning the garage door opens upwards. This means a sectional garage door is incredibly space-saving, both inside the garage and out of it. But rest assured, despite their flexibility, Hörmann garage doors are supremely sturdy and robust.

The advantages of a sectional garage door

The flexibility of a Hörmann sectional garage door yields a number of fantastic advantages.

  • Retain space both in front of and behind the garage door.
  • The garage door is easy to open and close.
  • Will always complement your home, even after renovations to it.

Moreover, Hörmann sectional garage doors provide thermal insulation, high security and can withstand a knock or two.

The coated garage doors are pleasing on the eye too.

You can opt for a coated garage door, to finish off its look perfectly. We coat your garage door so it complements your style of living down to a tee; from classic to functional and contemporary. A coated Hörmann garage door will lend your home extra character and add a definite wow factor.

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