Sliding doors

An automated sliding door provides the ideal thoroughfare for trolleys (like you see in warehouses) and large footfalls (such as in shops).

Sliding doors

Automated sliding doors, or electric sliding doors, are the ideal thoroughfare for larger footfalls. Similarly, for trolley or pump trucks (pallet transporter) access, an automated sliding door is a sensible choice.No-one need hold the door open in order to allow someone or something to pass through. This facilitates faster, more efficient operations at, e.g., warehouses and lets people enter and leave shops more easily and quickly.

Automated sliding doors

At Maldex you get a reliable, secure sliding door. Ourinnovative automated sliding doors operate in line with state-of-the-art technology. Leaving you to effortlessly enjoy your automated sliding doors for many years to come.Is there an unexpected fault with your electric sliding door? If so, you can rely on a personal service and support from Maldex. Our team of experts ensure hassle-free enjoyment of your electronic sliding door.

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The automation of your garage door or door enhances your home comfort. You can operate your garage doors and doors simply and safely with just one press of a button.