Roller shutters

Alukon roller shutters offer countless benefits. They deter the gaze of passers-by and the heat, and provide blackout and privacy whenever you wish it. In a nutshell: they offer immediate enhanced comfort.

Roller shutters

Your home can warm up significantly on hot sunny days, which can result in a muggy environment and sleepless nights. The well-insulated Alukon roller shutters efficiently ward off the heat, leaving your home deliciously cool inside. Disturbing glare is also a thing of the past too.You attain full blackout and optimal privacy whenever you wish it.

Roller shutters not only deflect the sun, but deter intruders too. They cannot see into your home, leaving your valuables out of sight from intruders.

Alukon roller shutters

In order to guarantee our customers comfort and safety we only work with Alukon roller shutters. These are made using highly reliable materials that can withstand a knock or two. They efficiently insulate your home and are very user-friendly. As we only use Alukon roller shutters our fitters’ know-how of the products is unparalleled. This means we can install your roller shutters with the utmost precision, they are neatly tucked away and work optimally.

Are you experiencing unexpected problems with your roller shutters? Maldex stays at your service post-installation. Our team of experts is on hand, so you can enjoy your roller shutters to the max.

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