Roller shutters

Creatively designing facades using ALUKON roller shutter.
Alukon roller shutters

Our roller shutter systems are made of high quality aluminium. They are corrosion-, colour and light resistant. All systems are maintenance friendly and durable. More than 400 qualified employees manufacture these systems in our factory - Made in Germany. ALUKON is certified according to DIN ISO 9001.

Our roller shutters are suited for both renovations and new projects.

Choose your favourite colour for your roller shutter system from our large colour range. There are almost no limits. You can choose your favourite colour from several RAL-colours, 25 structured colours and 3 DB special metallic colours.


  • View obstructing: more privacy in your home
  • Energy saving
  • Increased security
  • Protection from the sun
  • Protection from harsh weather such as wind, rain, hail, ...
  • Reduces noise
  • Insect repelling system
  • Quality materials, built to last for years without the need for maintenance
  • Ease of use

Safety shutters

Roller shutter profiles for security shutters are filled with hard foam. Special locking function with integrated blocking system in the guide channels secure the roller shutters when closed. Reinforced iron in the end slat and several special construction features increase the stability against burglary. In combination with a glass breaking sensor, the security shutter closes in case of shock and keeps out "unbidden guests".