Revolving doors

Automated revolving doors are a popular way of enhancing home comfort within your four walls. A remote controlled door opener is an investment you will enjoy for many years to come.

Revolving doors

At Maldex, not only sliding doors, but also revolving doors can be automated. Nowadays, both internal and external doors can be opened and shut with just one press of a button.Physically disabled people benefit enormously from an automated remote controlled door, but an automated door opener can also simply serve to enhance your home comfort. You can reach all rooms in your home quickly and easily, even when your hands are full.

Automated revolving doors

With automated Maldex door openers you introduce the ultimate comfort of door automation into your home. When you think of door automation, it’s most likely garage doors that spring to mind. Yet nowadays more and more people are opting for automated doors in and around the house. After all, a remote controlled door opener is beneficial in a number of ways

  • Pass through a doorway with ease when your hands are full
  • Say goodbye to dirty door handles
  • Countless settings
  • Energy-efficient
  • Guaranteed safety

Are you interested in the comfort automated remote controlled revolving doors can provide in your home?
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The automation of your garage door or door enhances your home comfort. You can operate your garage doors and doors simply and safely with just one press of a button.